Nursing Code Of Ethics In The International Council Of Nurses

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Nursing is a noble profession in which rights and ethics are inseparable aspects. International Council of Nurses (2015) defined nursing as a self-governing and combined care of all kinds of people regardless of their age, gender, communities, illness or health and in all environments. Nursing incorporates the health promotion, prevention of disease, and care of the sick, disabled and people with chronic conditions. The key roles of nursing are advocacy, enhancement of a safe and sound environment, exploration, involvement in determining health policies and health education.

As a nurse, there are lots of roles and responsibilities among which protecting patients’ rights is a crucial one. Nurses are constantly looking after the patients so; nurses are responsible to protect them from any kinds of risk or harm and keep them safe. Among the eight nursing code of ethics listed in Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (2008), number 6 focuses on the safety in health care where it is mentioned that nurses should act in the control and prevention of risks. Nurses are also responsible in reporting such hostile events for which there are
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Beyond much efforts made by various child welfare organizations it is becoming difficult to rule out. Nurses and other health care workers face the case of child abuse on a daily basis. They are the mandatory persons for reporting. So nurses can take some actions about this like trainings can be conducted on child abuse, networks to different organizations that work for children can be built, nurses should emphasize on the inclusion of child abuse in the courses of health students at all levels and also in the course of school level students. Nurses in collaboration with schoolteacher, different governmental and non-governmental organization can conduct awareness programs in schools and community. Likewise, nurses can also participate in developing protocols related to child

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