Nursing Care And Self Empowerment Essay examples

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Nursing care has changed dramatically within the past two decades with many strides and improvements within nursing practice. An integral development within nursing care was the change of care delivery placing the patient at the centre of their own care, promoting both individualised care and self-empowerment. Although originally coined patient centred care, even this has evolved into what we now refer to as person centred care.

Person-centred care has been defined in numerous variations within both seminal and contemporary literature. Gerteis et al. (1993) is regarded within literature as providing the earliest definition of person centred care, this interpretation involves several dimensions which come together to form person centred care. The health foundation (2014) discuss that person-centred care has no singular definition due to the constant evolving nature of the area. As such the Health foundation offers a frame work consisting of four principles comprising of; showing people dignity, compassion and respect, offering co-ordinated and personalised care, support and treatment, and aiding people to recognise individual strengths to facilitate them to live independently. Kitson et al. (2012) found in a review of literature discussing Person centred care that seminal texts discussing person-centred care had a large similarity in what they felt were the crucial elements of person-centred care, elements such as; expression of values and beliefs, a shared…

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