Nursing : A Holistic Approach Essay

1217 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 null Page
When it comes to the healthcare system, nursing is expected to deliver care based on scientific evidence, including a holistic approach. Therefore, nurses must accomplish a broad range of activities that encourage the promotion of not only safety but also comfort of the patients regardless of their different cultures and beliefs. For example, the interaction and integration among physicians, technicians, and nurses, including the patient have resulted in patient-centered collaborative care. This outcome seems to reinforce and widespread the role of nursing advocators built on a strong foundation of primary care along with an additional development of skills, sense of ethics, cultural and spiritual sensitivity, helping them to identify the most effective method to practice at a hospital, home, or community environments. Additionally, the advancement in technology also influences the modern nurses in their daily activities, they must engage in the use of computers, Internet, and electronic medical record software. All in all, as people may view nursing as a humanistic discipline, nurses may also experience difficulties when practicing the essence of nursing as a whole, a science and an art.
Being a nurse implies a lot of demands and expectations about the quality of the care provided to people across the world. Education is one example of how practicing nursing is a science since it provides the level of knowledge that a professional acquires in order to perform in a…

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