Essay about Nurses And The Medical Field

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When you think of the medical field most people’s minds automatically go to “Doctors”. However the majority of the medical field consists of the underdogs, like nurses and nursing assistants. Nurses particularly take on the great load of important work that doctors do not have the time to do. As well as nursing assistants take on lots of work that the nurse does not have time for. The evaluation will focus primarily on Registered Nursing and the entire process that comes along with the profession. Registered Nurses, commonly referred to as RN’s, are determined to the success of the medical field. Registered Nurses are responsible for many outcomes of the care and well being of patients you would be thoroughly surprised.
The duties included in a Registered nurse’s job description include many things directly involving the patient. They record medical histories, administer medicines and treatments prescribed by the doctor, they also set up an individualized care plan for every patient. Their opinions are often valued by doctors and other medical professional because they have more hands on experience than any of the their superiors. They see personally the effect of treatment plans and medications on the patient. Registered nurses are often operating medical equipment as well as monitoring it. Nurses perform tests and analyze the results. Though there is a lot of impersonal duties nurses are face to face with people who are often dying, in mass amounts of pain, or who…

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