I Want To Be A Nurse Practitioner

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My grandmother called my Mom crying and screaming frantically about how she burned her hands, feet, and a small part of her face and that she needed her to meet her at the emergency room, so my mom and I rushed to meet her. My grandmother is no stranger to the emergency room, this was one of a million visits, but this time was different. I could see the fear and worry in her eyes. The nurse practitioner announced that she would need a skin graph removed from her thigh transferred to both of her hands and feet because tissue was damaged so badly. Out of the twenty plus surgeries and procedures my grandmother has had this was the only one that truly broke her mentally and physically. She was frightened that she’d look like a monster and to make …show more content…
By finding out what I was gifted at I then find a way to contribute to God’s kingdom and my career path. My top strengths were analytical, achiever, futuristic, input, and learner. All of my gifts directed me toward nursing and in particular, a nurse practitioner because I like to sit and gather information on my on time. How could I have been so blind? I volunteered at the neonatal center at my mother’s hospital for years in admiration of what all of the nurses did, not to mention my crazy love for babies. After I discovered my new found love and passion for nursing, I looked for information to confirm my feelings and strengths, so I visited Indiana University and I received all sorts of articles and research about nursing from their school of nursing. Three of my five strengths were under the characteristics of great nurses. My analytical skills and strive for knowledge were a perfect duo for nurse partitioning. From there on I began developing my plan, starting with what school I would go

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