I Want To Be A Dental Hygienist

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Career Field Report: Dental Hygienist
I always thought that I wanted to be a physical therapist just because after a knee injury I had to endure it for so long that it caught my interest. I wasn’t until after getting a tour of a campus and seeing their dental hygiene program that I knew PT wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore. Seeing all of that cool hands on experience you get to do and also seeing the exponential increase in pay my mind changed quickly. After that visit I changed my major to dental hygiene. It was only one time that I watched a hygienist clean teeth when I knew that is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I want a career that is going to give me about $65,000 a year, that also includes paid vacations and time off when
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It takes about 4 years of dedication to schooling, if you pass all your classes with great grades the first time you take them. Your technical colleges and community colleges are where you will find this two-year program. These programs may only be 2 years but after the two years you will receive your associates degree (Dental Hygienist Education and Training Requirements). This however does not include the 2 years of prerequisites you are required to take before you apply for the dental program. When applying for the program the application is very detailed on what they want you to know and do. Work experience is not required before you apply but can get you extra points on the application for having worked in a dental office. Once in the program you get offered clinical education in the form of supervised patient care experience; along with other educational aspects in liberal arts, basic sciences, and clinical sciences. When you are done with the program you must be a graduate of an accredited dental program and pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination. This includes the clinical dental hygiene skills that you perform on an actual patient in front of board examiners (Dental Hygienist Education and Training Requirements). If you pass all of these you then become a licensed dental hygienist and can write R.D.H behind your name, meaning registered dental …show more content…
I knew that you needed good communication skills, but didn’t realize that it was the key to a successful day at the dental office. Communication skills are essential to all dental professionals. I read this letter to a R.D.H from another hygienist asking what are some things she can do to better improve in communication with her patients and everyone in the office. What the R.D.H wrote back was very detailed and opened my eyes to what I should expect to do when and if I become a dental hygienist. It all starts from the very beginning when you grab a patient from the waiting room. You must enter that room calmly and greet them with an extended hand and a warm smile, making sure to hold the door as well for the patient (Improving Communication Skills). You don’t want to be that person who can the patient then turns around and head straight for the room leaving the patient behind. According to the R.D.H there are five essential skills you must know for proper chairside manners. Number one is look; Make eye contact with the patient. When you speak with the patient you need to be sitting in front of them not behind them. Number two is listen; make sure to listen when the patient talks for any questions or concerns that they may have. Number three is to linger; you want the patient to have good memories about the appointment. Before and after the appointment stay

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