Essay about Nurse Leadership And Mentoring Clinical

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For my nurse leadership and mentoring clinical I choose to shadow Toni Mueller DNP, RN, CCRN, and Director of Clinical Functions for the Intensive Surgical Services Nursing Division (CVICU, SNICU, MICU, Burn Unit/clinic, 6JCP-med-surg neuro, and 4RC-med-surg cardiology) on June 18, 2015 from 0730-1630. Toni states that she arrives in the office between 0630 and 0700 Monday through Friday and generally heads home 1630-1730; per Toni’s request I arrive at 0730. When I arrived Toni was on the phone with a nurse manager that staff had an issue with a patient overnight, I minor staff assault and a verbally confrontational patient. Toni insured staff was ok and then went through appropriate steps to take with nurse manager (including what to put in an email and whom to notify). Toni had a busy day planned out, we discussed her role; she views her role as 50% coaching of the nurse managers, Toni states she very much likes to teach and insures that the nurse managers have the tools to get their jobs done (equipment, resources, etc). She stated that she likes to try to meet with each nurse manager weekly; in this way she insures she keeps up to date and if she needs to reschedule due to a crisis it is not that long in between time (she stated some directors meet monthly with their nurse managers). Toni had opening remarks at two nursing preceptor classes (morning and afternoon), thanking them for their choosing to take on the role of mentoring new nurses, how to do so without…

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