Nurse Knowledge Exchange, Patient Satisfaction, And Communication

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Review Of The Literature Literature search was conducted by putting the word and phrase in the search box; “Nurse Knowledge Exchange”, “bedside report”, “patient satisfaction” and “communication”. CINAHL and peer review were used to get results. Additionally, Google scholarly articles were also used for search. After reviewing the article, author has selected fifteen research articles that support the proposed proposal for the study. The article discussed about research design, methods, population, strength, weakness, results and significance to nursing and patient care.
1. Lin, M., Heisler, S., Fahey.L., McGinnis, J., Whiffen, T.L. (2015). Nurse Knowledge Exchange Plus: Human - Centered Implementation for Spread and Sustainability.
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Shift handoff communication to the bedside helps patient centered care which results increase accountability, cost saving, mentoring opportunity, safety and satisfaction. NKE Plus implemented in 125 nursing units in 14 hospitals with the human design principles. In the method 6 elements of NKE plus were used; team rounding in last hour before shift change, pre shift patient assignment, unit support for uninterrupted bedside reporting, standardize reporting format (KP SMILE), update patient board. The results showed improved scored in nursing communication. There were also improved score in Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems. In the study the nurse’s objection was identified because of increased nursing responsibility. The challenges of creating and sustaining changes in professional nursing practice are magnified over dozens of nursing units. It requires more time to do other implementation strategies. The study showed NKE plus helped frontline staff in clinical area change the organizational culture of professional nursing practice around shift …show more content…
This research article was about study conducted in different hospital with different patient population. Results found positive nursing perception toward beside report which lower communication error among staff, promoted accountability teamwork and respects. “The study provide evidence that supports using bedside report as essential shift handover practice within an adult clinical care environment, with improvements in client and nurse satisfaction determined repeatedly. It is integral to the development of best practices that this current evidence is included.bedside reports, modified to meet client preference”( Vines, Dupler, Van Son&, 2014).
4. Sand- Jecklin, K., & Sherman, J. (2014). A Quantitative Assessment of Patient and Nurse Outcomes of Bedside Nursing report Implementation. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 23, 2354- 2863.
The purpose of this study was to find outcomes of a practice change to a blended form of bedside nursing report. In the study, seven medical surgical units were chosen in a large university hospital and used the method a blend of recorded and bedside nursing report. Patient survey and nurse survey was done to get the results. For data analysis ANOVA comparison was used between all pre and post implementation response. Additionally, survey was done to find out medication error and patient

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