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Task 3: Understand how and why customer groups are targeted. This is the target market of Nuevo Ropa:
NUEVO ROPA’S TARGET MARKET: Individuals from 10-20 years of age are our target audience, because teenagers nowadays love to DIY or do it yourself. We also target fashion bloggers. If you’re using Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media networks you can see that most of them are involved with DIY'S. This will also help us to advertise our products, because famous fashion bloggers can post the products that they bought from Nuevo Ropa and their fans and other people will have the idea to buy and tell it to their friends too!
As we all know, Nuevo Ropa has an online shop so we also target those who really love to shop online or what we called “online shoppers”. We target these customers because not everyone has the time to go out and shop and other people are not really outgoing, so this is a great opportunity to us.
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The main reason of market segmentation is to divide the customers to its different groups. It helps Nuevo Ropa to know which product fits perfectly with the right customer much more easily. So, here is the market segmentation that is used by Nuevo Ropa:
Geographic Demographic Behavioral Psychographic

Online Shop
(Social Media Accounts: Abu Hail Rd. Dubai (Main Shop) Age: 10 to 20 years of age
Gender: Male and Female
Occupation: Students and any workers
Socio-Economic Group: First Class
Middle Class
High Class (because everyone can enjoy our products)
• Loyal to our company and our products.
• Gives other people advices to buy products from us.
• Gives their trust to Nuevo Ropa
Personality: Creative and fashionistas
Attitude: Patient (because we have plenty of things to discuss and to read the terms and conditions before buying

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