Case Study Of Larose's Magic Roux: Marketing Strategy

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LaRose’s Magic Roux; Marketing Strategy LaRose’s roux is magic in a jar. Now you can have the authentic taste of New Orleans in your own kitchen. Simply add our homemade dark roux to chicken stock and create the base for all your favorite Cajun Cuisines! Your family will think they’re in the French Quarters! Marketing LaRose’s Magic Roux will be vital to the success of this product. This can be done by developing a solid Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy. So just how will LaRose’s Magic Roux be marketed? First, we will discuss what type of segmentation strategies work best when selling this type of product. Next, we will determine what the best target market is for the roux. Finally, discuss the best positioning strategy …show more content…
In consumer markets, psychographic segmentation if often used to differentiate target markets and provide basis for promotional strategy via personality traits or lifestyles, also known as a consumers interest and activities (Weinstein, 2014). LaRose’s Magic Roux will appeal to the Foodies market. Foodies are consumers who can be described as a person with a particular interest in gourmet food. There are many self-described foodies in recent years, scouring the web for recipes on how to make their own versions of trending plates. LaRose’s would make to the at home chef’s looking to create authentic Cajun …show more content…
When a product is presented with the attributes of why it will benefit the consumer; a consumer will want to purchase that product or service. As an example, a gourmet focused shopper is looking for high quality products, exclusive brands and good service.
LaRose’s would market to the at home gourmet chef with a busy lifestyle. Making an authentic roux can take hours to perfect. These days who has hours to stir a roux! With LaRose’s Magic Roux, you simply add the premade roux to chicken broth and you have the basis for any authentic Cajun recipe like Gumbo, Ettouffee and Jambalaya in a matter of minutes!!
Target Markets
Choosing a target market strategy is an essential plan of action for any business. The target market is the group of customers, toward which the marketing and advertising will be geared toward. It is essential to aim a product at a particular market in order to determine the correct price point, distribution channels and promotional strategies an organization will adopt (Bradley,

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