Notes On Virtues And Actions Essay

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Zachery Roberson
Virtues and Actions
I participated in taking a survey created by the University of Pennsylvania to evaluate your personality on 24 different characteristics. The purpose of the questionnaire is to find which of the 24 character traits are your strengths. The survey is 240 questions long and is comprised of a series of statements, most of these statements ask how much you think the statement sounds like you, but several of them ask how other people see you. After taking the test, it listed several of my strongest character traits, the top 3 traits being perspective wisdom, self-control and self-regulation, and love of learning. When looking at the reading the description of what perspective wisdom is, I would say that it isn 't describing the correct attribute. While I would like to think of myself as wise I wouldn 't say that it 's the reason people come to me for advice. I frequently have people come to me with their problems whether to simply vent or to find a solution to their problem and after years of doing so, I know better than to think it 's because of my wisdom. I 've been told on numerous occasions that I 'm very easier to talk and very trustworthy. People come to me for advice because they trust me and what I 'll have to say, that 's not to imply that they don 't appreciate any wisdom that comes with any advice given, but it 's not the reason for them trusting what I have to say. I believe the trait that would more appropriately fit what…

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