Essay Notes On The Brindle Bull Terrier

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The brindle bull terrier did not slow his pace or flinch at the screaming whir that hurtled over his head and the head of Private Leftelle-Smithers. They’d both been trained well not to move, except when commanded. The dog Jack and his masters, Leftelle-Smithers and Corporal Pensance, were specialists. They lived in these forward trenches and holes and makeshift wooden caves, sending Jack and oil-skin wrapped packets back-and-forth between the two men. All three were small, fast, and hard to hit. Pensance and Leftelle-Smithers weighed in at less than eight stone each, and Jack was, well Jack was a “bullie.” Solid as a shell from a Stokes gun—and roughly shaped like one—he stayed low, a tough target for even the most accomplished Jerry sniper. He’d left Pensance in Ypres two days ago, walking wounded. The young corporal had lost his thumb and a couple of fingers on his right hand, but he—and his immediate commander—considered that “cost of doing business, old chap” and Corporal Pensance remained in active duty. The shell that passed over them plopped almost soundlessly into the mud plain thirty yards to their left. An obscene belch followed its final descent; a few thin streams of iridescent smoke curled from the pocked earth. “That couldn’t have been larger than an eight-point-five, Jack old fellow.” Leftelle-Smithers commented to his dog and moved ahead in a practiced “trench-trot”—head down, wide quick steps. “Jerry must be on a budget,” he added. Today’s mission was…

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