Notes On Food And Foods Essay

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Crispy/Crunchy Foods:
a. Lay’s potato chip:
Original (Fried): This chip have light yellow color, it crunchy but not too much, still can feel the softness when we eat. It make a sound when we eat but not too loud. The chip tasted salty and we can feel or tasted the salt cover it.
Baked: This chip is the no.1 about the crunchy in this 3 example. The color of the baked chip is yellow, and the tasted is salty, make big noise when we eat.
Stax: Crunchy just after the Baked chip, it salty and making sound but not too loud when eat.
b. Cheetos
Fried, crispy: Porous but not crunchy, and not making sound when we eat. The color is oranges, a bit salty and tasted like Cheetos Cheese flavor.
Baked: Very crunchy, but just make small sound when we eat, color and flavor very similar to Cheetos Cheese.
c. Fried Chicken
Tyson’s Crispy Chicken Poppers: It crunchy, make a sound in our mouth when we eat. This chicken is salty and it dry, it have an oil smell because it was a fried chicken.
Boneless, skinless, fried in Crisco Canola oil: Not too crunchy and less salty than the one above, make a small sound when we eat, it also have an oil smell.
Creamy Food:
a. Cream cheese
Cheese cake, Sara Lee: It porous and soft. The tasted are fatty, sweet and sour. The cream have white color while the cake have light yellow color.
Cream cheese, Kraft Original: This cream cheese have white color and it soft. The tasted of this cream cheese are fatty and sour.
Cream cheese, Kraft Neufchatel: This cream…

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