Essay on Notes About Notes On ' I Don 't Blame Myself ! '

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Scribbling around in the muck on your hands and knees.

That 's not a good look.


I don 't blame myself!
I blame Lebo!

She sold me!

It 's like it 's happening now...

Where is she?
Is she okay?

Sphe is pregnant.

Look, I know it changes things, but not between us. We 're perfectly fine.

- Have some tea.
- Thank you, but you really didn 't have to.

I wanted to.

It 's so lovely to have you back.
Living in this house...

full of men. No ways.

I 'd like us to have dinner at Bouquet Garni tonight to celebrate the good news.

Dr Mokoena said I shouldn 't do much and that I should rest.

I spoke to her. She said as long as you don 't overexert yourself, you should be fine.

It 's still early days.

If the media catches on...

Your wife is right. We have to make sure that this does not get out.

It 'll only be family - the Morokas and the Celes.

In that case
I expect you all to be there. Okay?

I want to talk to you.

We must decide when we 'll tell the elders.

Sure, of course.
I 'll send the details during the day.

I also have a meeting to get to.

Is Amo ready?

- Let me get him.
- Okay.


Thank you.

I had the best Christmas ever.

That dress you bought me is 'wow '!

You 're welcome.

I looked like a princess and I felt like one too.

You should wear it the next time you see your boyfriend.

- He 's not my boyfriend.
- Not yet.

- I don 't like him anymore.
- Huh?

I saw him at the shops on Saturday.
He was friendly and everything...…

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