Essay on Not Being Prepared Can Make Or Break You

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Not Being Prepared Can Make or Break You
Sitting in a classroom at Benton Harbor High School was one of the best dreams a high school student could dream of. Coming to school every day being able to wander in the halls during class time. Also surfing the web on your cell phone in class is pretty relaxing right? Not having to do work daily and just basically doing whatever you want to do. See, I thought I’ve worked hard enough freshman through junior year. Senior year is supposed to be the year you have fun and I had enough credits to graduate already. As a high school graduate entering college, I noticed I wasn’t prepared because of all the time I had wasted during my senior year of high school.
With all the struggles and distractions during my senior year made me realize why college is important. . Less than half of all Americans said a college education today is “very important,” according to respondents in this year’s 47th Annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools. I believe college education is important because since most high schools don’t prepare students, it’s our opportunity to seek a higher education. The summer before college is time to try and gain as much help that students can get. The summer of my senior year I joined a program called Upward Bound to get extra help in my classes. I receive a letter from Grand Valley asking if I wanted to join Freshman Academy. My response was yes and this was a program that…

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