Personal Narrative: Not An Ordinary Teacher

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Not an Ordinary Teacher Not only is this extraordinary teacher one of my favorite teachers I have had in my years of education, but she is also an amazing mother. Michelle Osborne is a 6th grade teacher at Florence Middle School (FMS). She was awarded Teacher of the Year over all of the schools in Rankin County, in late November of last year. She was also Teacher of the Month multiply times at FMS. However, the most inspirational thing Michelle has done as a teacher is to connect with many of her troubled students on a personal level. The one that gave her the most trouble, also had the hardest home/family life. This individual’s dad would beat him and on one occasion threw him against a wall and broke his arm. The mom and dad then would …show more content…
He was a student she had last year. His grades were okay, but his parents were divorced. His mom was trying to get custody of him and his younger brother because his dad was not a good role model for them. His mom died in a freak four wheeler accident. It broke Michelle’s heart because she had just lost her mom also. She went to the visitation and stood in line to see him. “I couldn’t look in his direction. I knew if I did I would loose it. When I finally got there, he broke down in my arms. That is one of the hardest thing I have ever had to do,” she stated. The principal of the middle school was there and posted this on Facebook, ‘people don’t realize how valuable these people really are… when that little boy lost his mom fell into the arms of his teacher and cried like a baby.”
She is an awesome teacher, and an amazing mother. She has been awarded many awards in her career. However, the most inspirational thing she has done as a teacher is to connect with many of her students on a personal level. She says, “I strives each day to interact with children with respect and compassion before I attempt to teach them skills and standards.” In conclusion, teachers have a great impact on their students’ lives. It is up to the teachers on how they use this incredible gift and

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