Nonhuman Rights Project Essay

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The Nonhuman Rights Project is the first organization to achieve actual legal rights for animals however; the legal rights are limited to certain animals. The animals that this project focuses on are chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins and whales these animals are seen as “smart” animals to society. What’s common with these animals is that some if not most of them are used for human entertainment as well as for medical purposes. Looking closely at the home page those animals are the main ones, this organization doesn’t focus on other animals that are being killed for other human purposes. The Nonhuman Rights Project is a start to helping certain animals that society views are important or even smart making the others less cared for when we should be looking at all the animals as equal because they are have different characteristics that make them smart, which is why I don’t support it.
This project sets precedence for animals, giving other animals stronger consideration. This is something good that The Nonhuman Rights Project does because its helping people see that if these animals are mistreated we can do something about it, there is a chance of changing their conditions. It helps create awareness on certain animals that might trigger them to think of others. However, the bad thing
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They didn’t approve of them using beagles and were protesting and he comments on why didn’t they pay attention to the chimps, the reason is that we humans are more inclined to feel sympathy to animals we have close connections as a comparison to rats, chicken, pigs and many more. The same goes for this organization even if their intentions aren’t to exclude other animals besides the ones mentioned they are already creating this separation between these

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