Non Clinical Cross Cultural Interview Essay

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Introduction The non-clinical cross-cultural interview for this project was completed with a grandfather of an associate. My participant was the associate’s grandfather, and her grandfather is a youthful-looking 102 years old veteran, married male, who identifies as Filipino. In addition, he has been “happily” married for 73 years. When asked how did he manage to have a healthy and happy marriage; he responded by stating, “they did not drink, smoke, and always honest.” My interview process was a delight; I was intrigued by his age, humor, insight, and historical aspect of his life, in which he wrote an autobiography called “My Humble Life Story: as a Teenager”.
Across Generations
There were various reasons that my participant’s family (across-generations) decided to come to the United States. However, a several individuals of my participant’s family had positive perspective of the benefits of my participant moving to the United States with his family, regardless of how my participant viewed the country prior to arriving to United States. My participant viewed the United States as “the land of opportunity.” He indicated that his son petitioned him to come to the United States because he was a part of the US Navy. Since my participant was retired, he indicated that his kids talked him into taking a chance to move to the United States. My client then moved to Chicago and because he was a veteran he applied for citizenship for 1981, and in 1983 he became a citizen. After…

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