No Baby Girl : What Do You See? Now Imagine A Baby? Essay

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Imagine a baby girl. What do you see? Now imagine a baby boy. Do you picture the same baby? Well, most of the time people will say no, not because of the baby 's sex, but because how we connect someone 's sex with gender categories. "Male" and "female" are sex categories, and "masculine" and "feminine" are gender categories. However, the line between these two seems to be very thin if existent at all. This is because society has molded us to stereotype genders without us even knowing and to unconsciously teach generations to follow the same ingrained roles.
Society has conditioned people into strapping their children into gender roles before even knowing what they will be naming their children. When a family learns they will be expecting, they right away start imagining about the baby 's future, how they will dress the baby, how the baby 's room will look like, how the baby will look like or grow up to be. As soon as they find out the gender they start shopping for baby clothes. If the baby is a girl, more likely the clothes will be pink, but if the baby is a boy, most likely the clothes will be blue. As soon as the mother gives birth, her family and friends will probably visit her and the newborn with a gift, the color or gift will be determined based on the gender of the newborn. The parents and everyone around the child will, unknowingly, keep shaping the kid 's life.
Little boys play with big trucks and monsters while girls are handed a doll with a face full of makeup…

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