Gender And Self Identity Essay

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Individuals will often feel a sense of alienation from the society as result of the lack of acceptance due to one’s self-identity. People endeavor to search for their true self and discover their status within the society from socialising with a diverse range of people from various cultures, age, race and gender. This builds a sense of belonging for an individual, as they are able to understand where their stance is in the world. However, the society creates stereotypes by linking certain values and characteristics to each gender. This has evolved in the development of specific behaviors and attitudes towards each gender roles, which has negatively impacted on an individual’s self-esteem, self-confidence and social relations. Gender is defined as a similar category of human beings that is outside the male and/or female binary classification and is based on the individual’s awareness of identity. ( Similarly, gender roles is a set of societal …show more content…
I’m not allowed wrestling stuff (Bartholomaeus, 2012). This quote further emphasis the relationship of a primary school-boy that is not allowed to wrestle. The limitations and constraints of this quote are examined through an interactionist approach where a child is actively involved in constructing and preforming their gender identity. Significantly, boundaries provide an individual to not be accessible to themselves and shape behavior within society. Inevitably, gender role is identified as individual relating to behaviors or biological based, social and cultural conditions, rather concerning with beliefs, behaviors and norms that men and women’s display. The representation of masculinity is humanly constructed and set by stages for social expectations and the creation of gender and sexuality that vary form culture to

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