Influence Of Culture On Gender And Personality

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How does Culture Affect Gender and Personality
Cultural influences affect gender and personalities for several reasons. Cultural influence is important and occurs in all communities in the United States of America. Some people say that culture influence and personalities should make individual decisions super on certain societies. Some say that culture influence and gender hinder self-expression. However, we can look at culture influences, gender, and personalities in term of how we study difference gender roles in our societies, how we study difference culture in our societies, and how we can study the difference personalities in our societies.
First, our culture and society has an enormous impact on gender roles in American society.
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Some people challenge the traditional gender roles, but culture remains the center of evidence. Therefore, before we can start talking about gender, it is helpful to understand gender. First we must understand the retained of our mind from experience, reasoning or imagination. We have seen these from generation to generation in the whole setting of society. Gender is not necessarily indicative of the sex organs with which we are born. When you are talking about male and female, you are referring to sex and not gender. On the other hand, gender is the social construction of a person 's sex. Gender refers to the social definition and cultural expectations of what it means to be man or woman. In addition, some people may identify a gender differently from their sex. Gender is not something with which you are born; instead it is taught, learned and understood through social set and experience. What does gender communication look like? I believed that it often starts as a cultural construction as well it is meanings in that particular culture. Sometimes it consider masculine or feminine in one culture. Sometimes it may not hold …show more content…
We are not understood what personality is but first let me defined the personality. According to the dictionary definition, personality is a stable difference between people in the society and emotional and influence characteristic. Therefore, does culture affect our personality? The answer is yes. In the other words, people developed difference personalities which shape up our influence and shape our society. Personality has different theories, and each theory has difference factors such as genetic, environmental, and parental factors. Personality development is a topic that I believe to be very important in the study of Psychology. Psychology is a very important factor in Human Development. Lynam (2002) describes it best in the article Fledgling Psychopathy. He relates a person to environment by putting them into three categories: reactive, evocative, and proactive. All three aspects involve environment interaction. This particular topic leads us back to the Nature vs. Nurture argument, one of the most well-known debates in the history of Psychology. It is a debate that concentrates on developmental science, a science that studies age-related changes in behavior, thinking, emotions, and social relationships. This debates centers on contributions of environmental factors and genetic inheritance to human development. Most believe both behavior and development are

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