Gender And Self Identity

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What is gender? Is it the state of being either a male or female? Or is it an issue of self-identity and where we fall in the social circles of humanity. Men and woman have been placed as counterparts in examples throughout history whether it be Adam and Eve or Zeus and Athena. The initial differences between man and woman and the respective attitudes towards both can be traced back as far as humanity itself and the primal urge and desperation for reproduction. This ancient drive to ensure the survival of our race and bloodline that has transcended time, even now when world population is at an all-time high, men can still be seen driven by sexual urges.

This, by nature, places women in submissive roles such as mothers while taking on
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In reality though this masculine standard hurts far more than it helps. The concept sparks intense insecurity in a lot of men and can cause them to act irrationally to try and make themselves feel like they fit within the exclusive club of being a “real man”. Insults are often thrown around like “stop being a woman” when a man is being emotional or simply expressing how he feels in a nonviolent way or “you throw like a girl” when he is not quite meeting the physical standards of strength and coordination. This causes an unspoken under lying resentment towards the opposite sex by simply uses them as a demeaning …show more content…
The idea of being “lady-like” is a brutal affair. Women are expected to be mothers, wives, nurturers, supporters as well as struggle with being objectified in most modern societies. Women are expected to be very soft and fragile. Sleeping beauty for the big brash knight to come in and save. This concept is very backwards because women are arguably far more resilient and thick than men. Even with that arguably being the case women are expected to fall into submissive roles and just be happy with it. When a woman seeks out or is even placed into a role that shakes the 21st century 1st world. she is often resented and gawked at by both her fellow women as well as her counterparts of the opposite sex. In addition to being unfairly forced into submissive roles, woman are also unfairly objectified. Women are far too often viewed as an object as opposed to a full functioning, completely capable human being. They are stared and cat called while just walking down the street. The idea of “lady-like” plays back in here pretty

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