Nintendo Wii Marketing Plan Essay examples

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Mini Business Marketing Plan - Nintendo Wii®

Abstract This final assignment for Marketing Management looks at all of the various marketing strategies and best practices for two companies that I have been studying over the past several weeks. Of the two companies and products that I have studied, Sony’s Playstation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii, I have chosen to complete my final paper in regards to the Wii game console. This paper will focus on one-to-one marketing strategies, customer information file development, information-intensive strategies, and customer personalization based on their best practices.

Business Marketing Plan - Nintendo Wii® After completing several marketing assignments involving game system consoles
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Examples of information that Nintendo may collect for the Wii would be: * Name | * Date of Birth | * Gender | * Address | * City | * State | * Zip code | * Country | * Preferred Language | * Gamer Level | * Type of purchase | * Place of purchase | * Purchase experience | * Game interests | * What other consoles are owned | * Accessories purchased | * Quality of gaming experience | * Registration for online game club | * Product Barcode | * Serial Number | * Date of purchase | All of this information can be used to gain valuable information on customer preferences and buying patterns for all of the geographic areas that the product is sold in. In turn, the results can help Nintendo determine a strategy on where their marketing dollars should be spent. Patterns in the data from the CIF can also help to determine the lifetime value of a customer. Game console manufacturers set the life cycle of a game console at ten years. Nintendo will use data from the CIF to determine how they can motivate consumers to purchase games and accessories for the game console throughout the life cycle of the game console. This in turn can present the potential value of a customer through the product’s life cycle. Best practices involving sales and marketing strategy, competition monitoring, product, pricing, and distribution strategies can all be enhanced by the mining and

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