Thymoquinone Essay

Various reports indicated the roles played by Nigella sativa (NS), and its component, thymoquinone (TQ) in management of oral health and other diseases. The outcome of the reports became positive and paved way for further research on the role played by Nigella sativa in dental therapeutic items. A detailed preclinical and clinical research got performed on the molecular and cellular activities performed by Nigella sativa and thymoquinone, which forms its main elements.
The experiment involved a Pulp Cap Procedure where an exposed pulp that got exposed gets covered in a protective material that would be placed in the exposure site. The pulp would heal with the formation of Dentine Bridge (mineralized tissue) on the surface that got exposed. Research activities intensified towards improvement of the pulp capping items. Thymoquinone
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The concentration levels of Thymoquinone might get related with dental pulp cell proliferation. The research got separated into four main categories, and each group of Thymoquinone had to get compared with differentiation and proliferation rates of the human dental pulp cavity …show more content…
The statistical difference between two groups ought to get determined, for instance, the relationship between the Thymoquinone actions versus pulp cavity improvement rates must get assessed. The outcome of the analysis becomes significant in helping dentists make appropriate decisions regarding the utilization of Thymoquinone in treatment of human dental pulp cavity conditions. However, care must get administered, since t-test does not make comparisons beyond two data groups. When the analysis spans at least two data sets up to an unlimited scenario, then ANOVA becomes

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