New Customer Services System : Richard Lee, President Of Elgin Technology Products

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Project Description
Richard Lee, President of Elgin Technology Products is considering to stablish a new customer services system. Mr. Lee wants to implement a way to rewards his customers based on their relationship to the company. Basically the problem is about setting the right expectations for the clients in regards of timing and also treat them fairly. Resolving customer’s problems in a short period of time definitely helps to customer satisfaction however Mr. Lee must be 100% commit to be able to do it. Even if its four hours or next day resolutions for customer issues, all alternatives should be consider. For example failure to commit to clients can have negative consequences. Another problem this case is facing is treat clients fairly. Customer’s perception is very important, many of their clients who buy more will have priority to resolve problems quickly than clients who buy less. The way how some customers will take this is that they all customers and they all have same urgency to resolve their problems. Customers’ tends to think that they always right, which is not true all the times, however companies are supposed to go above and beyond to satisfy clients.

1. Name some advantages of making the decision to use a tiered service approach at Elgin Technology Products.
One of the advantages of using tiered service approach at Elgin Technology Products is to motivate clients to do more business with the company. Customer likes the idea to get additional discount,…

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