Nepal Vacation Essay

How to find the best Tour Package in Nepal?
Once in a while everyone needs to take a break from their monotonous life and go on a holiday. Whether you dream your holiday to be wild and adventurous, culturally insightful or more relaxing along the serene beauty of nature, Nepal is an ideal holiday destination.
Nepal is a wonderful destination for all types of travelers looking for relaxing family holidays to the most adventurous endeavors. There are a variety of activities you can do and numerous places you can visit in this tiny country. You can find various Nepal tour packages offered by various travel agencies. Holiday planners and travel portals have lined up several different packages for Nepal tour and you may be confused on what to
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What is my Budget?
Your Budget for the tour will help you decide your activity, destination, and even the accommodation during the tour. Although Nepal is a very budget friendly destination, some of the activities like an Everest expedition may require budget over $30000. Deciding on the budget will help you limit yourself ( but, you don’t have to!) with the most preferred holiday activities in the country.
B). How much time do I have for the tour?
How many days do you have for holiday in Nepal? You may find variety of tours as short as one day, to months long trekking and tour packages. Longer holiday plan means you may be able to try out a diverse range of activities offered by the country.
C). When are you planning for the Tour?
The time of your travel will determine or limit the activities you can do in Nepal. Most of the trekking destinations may not be available during the Monsoon in June and July while cultural exploration in the country may be possible during the period. October and November are the best time to trek and to even explore the festive side of Nepal. Springs are great to enjoy the rhododendron in the hill and winters are great for bird watching.
D). What type of Holiday Style are you looking

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