Should Deforestation Be Illegal

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Imagine this, a world without trees or wildlife, all caused by careless humans. Deforestation is a mass clearing of trees, used for rural and urban purposes. However, it is harmful to the ecosystem and wildlife that take shelter in the forests. Although many believe that deforestation is essential to the economy, it should be illegal because it affects biodiversity, climate change, and the water cycle.
Deforestation may be believed to be helpful to the economy and essential to the way humans live, but it is causing climate change and changes in the earth, which can have a major impact. For example, ¨Without trees to anchor fertile soil, erosion can occur and sweep the land into rivers¨ (¨Deforestation¨). This shows that land patterns and layouts an be altered greatly. Without trees, farmable land can be swept away by wind and water without the protection of trees.This is important because food supplies can start to go down. The extra soil and dirt in rivers can also alter the river waters, making the animals who drink it
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Without normal rain patterns, crops and plants may not receive the water needed to survive, or they may receive too much.This is important because the removal of trees could also result in the loss of other plants that rely on the rain water. Also, if the river flow changes, this may affect the fish. They may become confused because everything has been turned around. Another example is, “Trees also lessen the pollution in water” (Bradford). This is important because the world has a lot of pollution such as gases and oil, and without trees to control it, it can spiral out of control. This shows that with the rise in greenhouse gases because of deforestation, trees are important so that the pollution does not spiral out of control. In conclusion, deforestation has many effects that may not be easily noticed, but can have a major impact and should be given

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