Causes Of Land Desertification

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Register to read the introduction… In order to obtain more habitation for humans, cattle pasture and agricultural pursuits, people deforest a large amount of forest. The structure of the land is changed after deforestation. According to Hauser, et al(2002), erosion and flooding turn serious because of increasing deforestation. When erosion and flooding turn serious, biodiversity and specices richness were affected to immensely.(para. 2). Soil will become loose since there is not any trees’ root to hold the soil together. Therefore, most nutrition can be washed away from the surface soil by the rain. In addition, the nutrition will also flow away because of agricultural activities. For example, people cultivate the land continuously obstructing the land to recover. This excessive agricultural pursuit leads to the nutrition in the land become exhausted and turn to an unrecoverable situation. The soil becomes more and more loose and it does not have any nutrition and water. Lastly, the particles of soil will be dehydrated all of water and hence will not bond to each other. Moreover, global warming leads to climate change, such as some of the forest become arid land. It also accelerated the …show more content…
Land desertification, species extinction and climate transformation, these three problems all are a long term problem to the world. The most important reason that cause of desertification is deforestation. Desertification is not only happening at one place, it will spread out to the places which are near to desert area. In addition, desertification can increase the concentration of suspended particulates and it is linked to causing respiratory system’s diseases. Many species live in the rainforest, so many of them were threatened by deforestation. In this way, the biodiversity is also decreasing. Besides, many or even uncountable number of trees were cut down, the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide will be broken. Thus, deforestation is aggravated global warming further. More problems will appear if we do not stipulate a limitation for deforestation, and the problems we already have that will be worse than before. Do you want to see no green and all land is desert in the future? Get action to stop deforestation, and save the greens and the

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