Negative Ob Impact

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Avoiding Negative OB Impact
The idea behind all of this is to understand what should be the organization position and how to promote and apply OB to keep a positive OB and eliminate any negative effect of OB that may arise from company position in certain area or aspect of the organization. On the one hand, a motivated individual who is cost-effective with the job, will always perform beyond expectations and therefore employee productivity will not be affected. On the other hand individual who is disatifactive with his /her may get to a position where he / she compromise her well-being due to the stress that a job dissatisfaction is producing. A lack of proper response by an organization can have a great impact on employee and OB. “Work performance can be defined as the total expected value to the organization of the discrete behaviors that an individual carries out over a standard period of time….Whereas energizing relationships, spur positive feelings to participate and contribute to others and the organization” (Gerbasi, Porath,
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63) as well as Presenteeism and absenteeism, These negative behaviors tend to be a great impact for the organization and employee productivity. “Considering the nature of these behaviors, it is of little doubt that CWB can have important negative impact on both organizations and people in organizations… Interpersonal conflict concerns the frequency of arguments or disputes one has with others at work (Zhou, Meijer, & Spector, 2014, p. 286 & 287). Organizations should take very seriously the impact of CWB in the organization, so organizations need to take measurements to apply OB concepts and tools to try to radical any potential CWB. The idea is to maintain a positive OB at all

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