Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation

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“Motivation is the desire to achieve beyond expectations, being driven by internal rather than external factors, and to be involved in a continuous striving for improvement”. (Derek et al 2009, p. 276). Campbell and Pritchard (1976) define motivation as a dependent and independent set of relationship. It is also regarded as psychological process in the context of work. Employees are willing to work harder to get a particular need (Beardwell and Claydon 2007, p.491). Because of the individuality, motivating employees effectively needs different types of motivation. From a psychological point of view, motivation is divided into intrinsic and extrinsic, these two types of motivation has been extensively studied, and the difference between them …show more content…
People get satisfaction and happiness through doing or completing a task. Influence factors such as responsibility and interests, emphasis on the quality of work life and always have a long-term effect (Armstrong 2014, p.170). Relatively, extrinsic motivation refers to the individual motivators, such as praise, money and punishments, are all coming from outside. In other words, people can complete a task without interest but supported by these rewards. Extrinsic motivation always works effectively, however, not last for long (Armstrong 2014, p.170). The first function is incentive; employees get a return through excellent performance, but also promote the development of the organization. Second, it acts as a united team, which created a positive working atmosphere, when employees work in a positive team, they are more willing to share good ideas and experiences, and consider the development of the organization as a common mission. In addition, it helps to retain employees and reduce cost. Reward to employees who are considering leaving is better than high employee turnover and the cost of training new employees. Last but not least, it helps employees build their self-motivation, although it can take a long time. Managers should reward employees based on their needs, it is the most effective way to motivate

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