Team Development Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Give a specific example from your own experience to highlight one of the stages. (Points : 45)
The five stages of team development are the forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning stages.
The forming stage is when the members first join the team. At this stage, the members get to know each other in efforts to find a common ground. In addition, they will…

(TCOs A& B) OB defines stress in terms of both work stressors and life stressors. Please identify four common sources of stress at work. (Points : 10)
Four common sources of stress at work are task demands, ethical dilemmas, interpersonal problems, and physical setting. Task demands pertain to when the employee has either too much or too little workload. In particular, too much workload can lead…

(TCO D) Referring to the team decision-making process, define consensus and unanimity and explain the difference between the two.(Points : 10)
Consensus is a group or teams that consist of people who come from different backgrounds and who have different values, personalities and skills, different opinions and approaches may arise with regards to the resolution of problems, an
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Employees are upset about the idea that the manufacturing department might be cutting corners and creating junky products. The company advertises its products as having the finest quality and durability.
(3) Attended Manager 2′s staff meeting. He runs the Tech Department and has 20 employees. He was very upset with the Marketing Department. He stated, “Someone over in Marketing reported to the CEO that a computer technician from this department was rude to them. I did not even ask who it was that was supposedly being rude. I know we’re all techies in this department together and we don’t behave that way.” He also read an email from a customer who said that someone from the tech department was rude. His response was, “All these customers do is complain. It’s us versus them apparently, so we have to watch out”.
In light of what you learned in MGMT591, about Diversity, Job Satisfaction and Attitudes, please write up a neatly organized analysis for the CEO. (Points :
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Manager 3 decides he is going to handle the situation this time. He sends them an email stating, “Susan and Bob, if you cannot get along and maintain professionalism here at Neff Incorporated, I will have no choice but to terminate you both. Consider this your written warning. These loud arguments in public must stop now”.
On Thursday, Susan finds that a small cup of water has spilled on her desk. She thinks it may have been Bob who did it but she is not sure. She quietly tells Manager 4 about the situation. Manager 4 asks Susan and Bob to come into her office. She says, “Ok, I understand that on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week you two had loud arguments in the cafeteria about Project X. Let’s talk this through in an orderly and respectful fashion. I’m handing you both a sheet of paper. Please list your disagreements about the Project and we will deal with them one by one. Let’s get this resolved today.”
Please list and discuss the conflict management strategies that are at play in this situation. Please state whether you think each of the strategies used by the managers here were appropriate and used in the proper order. Please defend your answer based on your analysis of the

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