Harrison Company Case Study

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Leadership Case Study
Harrison Co. is an international adhesives company with head quarters in Aida, Michigan. They have a plant located in Dalton, Ga. It employed about 500 people in the plant. Because of the economic down turn of 2008, they had to let go and lay-off about 300 employees in the Dalton facility, and this made many people feel very fearful for their jobs. Julio Miranda took on human resource management at this tumultuous time and was very successful.
He created an environment of trust and established very healthy relationships with all the workers and upper management. He became the bridge through which the average worker could be heard. This gave many people a sense of relief. The Dalton division of Harrison Co. was continually
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Lucas Adaro has been a loyal employee for about 10 years and counting. He has shown much innovation and creativity in problem solving throughout the years. His biggest weakness is his temper. He has difficulty accepting criticism but has greatly improved under Julio’s supervision. The second option is Isabelle Martin. Isabelle Martin is a recent grad from Dalton State College and is eager to begin working and expanding her experience in management. She has won many awards in leadership and has participated in team projects for other nearby companies. Her weakness is that she has a difficulty delegating and limited experience.
Both of these candidates have very strong suits and would bring very unique attributes to managing the plant. Upper management decides for Isabelle. Isabelle has very large shoes to fill. Julio made it a priority to be an HR manager that not only focused on production but on people. He wanted everyone to feel as though his or her opinion was being taken into account. He held monthly meetings to discuss what the company as a whole was going through and how much production was expected. He also took this time to ask for opinions and suggestions about how to better the work process of each sector in the
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She started a new campaign for health and wellness that would hopefully motivate workers and their families to be more health conscious. She also started a new safety program that would highlight the dangers of careless handling of chemicals in the work area and how to be better prepared for natural disasters. Isabelle was writing up these programs from scratch and she was not willing to delegate it to anyone because she felt that she knew what was best. This coupled with the Master’s degree she was preparing for in the coming fall was filling up her plate. She really wanted to be productive and better the company but it seems she has bitten off more than she can chew.
Employees begin to complain about the lack of answers and the negligence that they feel. They complain that their opinion and suggestions are no longer appreciated or even asked for and that they feel like numbers instead of people. Isabelle must decide if the programs she is writing up are necessary and if so, who to let help her. Lucas Adaro becomes an option seeing as how he has been actively trying to help out but it is not clear with what intentions. If you were put into this situation as Isabelle what would you do? Would you ask for help? Would you leave any projects? What type of leader is she

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