Case Study Globe Alive

Globe Alive Inc. is a software company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Their market focus is to assist Canadian companies that are operating business with a foreign company, specifically in the network design and servicing area. The company was expected to be a large office with 250 people recruited; however, they never did grow to their intended target size but they managed to become medium-sized firm. Also, Stan Ryder, one of the original founders and previous CEO of GAI, had recruited mainly his friends from different Edmonton-Based businesses to create the original executive team. Therefore, the company had never recruited a senior executive outside of the organization up until Helmut Schwartz.
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He was one of the first managers hired by the executive team. He has crucial experience towards HR and he has worked for federal government, financial services industry, and software company. Because of his involvement with the Human Resources Institute of Alberta, he has significant networking with other HR professionals in Edmonton area. To be able to qualify for many HR positions in the city, Miller had taken courses that he needs to get his Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) title. After his application to be the HR director of GAI, he has been seen qualified for the position. He remained involved with the HRMA and maintained his attendance to workshops to keep his CHRP certification. He also had crucial role towards recruiting Helmut Schwartz as the new CEO of …show more content…
He expects company participation in regular staff meetings. The managerial staff is not happy with his requests and is unsure how to work on them
• Schwartz wants to introduce spy wear to monitor staff. He feels staff is abusing company resources and using them for personal time. He also feels resources are being under used.
• Managerial staff especially Stuart Miller (HR Manger) feels like the spy ware is intrusive and unnecessary. Feels they will lose the trust of employees. There is a lack of communication on both sides.
The mangers and staff feel the company is in a stable place and does not require drastic changes. Schwartz is bringing in lots of changes and wants more from his employees then the previous CEO. He has big ideas but, does not consult how his mangers feel, he simply expects compliance. This will create a divide within the staff. Those who agree with the CEO and those who do not. The rift will further slow company progress and the company may suffer a

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