Case Study Globe Alive

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Globe Alive Inc. is a software company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Their market focus is to assist Canadian companies that are operating business with a foreign company, specifically in the network design and servicing area. The company was expected to be a large office with 250 people recruited; however, they never did grow to their intended target size but they managed to become medium-sized firm. Also, Stan Ryder, one of the original founders and previous CEO of GAI, had recruited mainly his friends from different Edmonton-Based businesses to create the original executive team. Therefore, the company had never recruited a senior executive outside of the organization up until Helmut Schwartz.
Even though few are more influential towards the decision making, there are number of key decision makers in this case, which are;
• Helmut Schwartz, the CEO
• Stuart Miller, Director of the Human Resources Department
• Patrick Photo, Operations Manager
• Thuy Singh, Production Manager
• Ali Khan, Marketing Manager
• Board of Directors

Helmut Schwartz is the first externally hired senior executive. He is 48 years old ex-tech guy from Ottawa who graduated from the three-year IT program at Georgian College. After his diploma, he
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First of all, Helmut Schwartz is a successful idealistic person who had achieved many great things with his innovations. His reputation was heard by GAI after he successfully accomplished to improve the Smart Technologies, the previous company he worked for which he was the vice president of. The fact that he was recognized by GAI and offered the CEO position of GAI, it can be interpreted that the board of directors and whoever helped the decision making —Stuart Miller was also one of the influence, supported the idea of GAI needed changes and innovative ideas to improve

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