Effects Of Digital Surveillance

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Protecting ones creations or inventions is done by copyrighting. Unfortunately copyright ones creation does not stop some people or companies from trying to take ones idea and make it seem like it is their own. This essay will exploring how easy it is toe copy and share material on the internet and the effects of copyrighting, influence of the open-source movement on attitudes toward copyright, and relationship between creativity and innovation with intellectual property rights. Next we will discuss how personal and professional effects of digital surveillance versus organizational needs for information and control, such as employer monitoring of employee computer use, business monitoring of customers’ Internet behavior, government monitoring …show more content…
Personal digital surveillance is for one’s own personal protection for example. I have an alarm with a camera in my living room and my front door for my personal protection. I also have parietal software on my children’s gaming system and Kindle fire so I can make sure my children are not viewing adult content. I feel that professional and organizational needs of digital surveillance are the same a little but not much. Using digital surveillance to monitory employees in a number of ways to insure that your company will thrive and that your employees are doing what they are supposed to be doing to make your company successful. Organizational needs like government use digital surveillance to also make sure that their employees are doing their job and not suffering the net or pulling up website that are not suitable for work. On the other hand the government also uses digital surveillance to watch people or other countries unknowing, trespassing in others’ lives without them knowing. “In the first six months of 2012, governments and their agencies made 523 requests to access Google users ' data, including information contained in Gmail and YouTube accounts (Kuch, 2012)”. The government does this more then we know for the good of the country and the greed of the

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