Does The Internet Make You Dumber Analysis

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Has the Internet become an essential tool in our daily lives? Can we make it through the

day without our cell phones? We can agree that technology is making our lives much easier, but

at what cost? The Internet is a great place to access almost any information with out ever

opening a book, or a great place to shop and sell nearly anything. With the technological

advances in cell phones, some now known as smart phones since they act as a computer, one can

access any information and stay on top of daily news feed. Smart phones have become affordable

to most of the population and are user friendly to almost any age; children of ages 5-7 are able to

operate certain functions on these types of phones. There is certainly a negative impact
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Many popular websites’ that


contain resourceful information also contain many advertising images and links that can easily


take ones focus away. Nicholas Carr discusses in his article, Does the Internet Make You

Dumber? “People who are continually distracted by emails, alerts and other messages understand

less than those who are able to concentrate”(Carr). One can notice in classroom settings that

students who take their computers are not really focused on the lecture and are distracted by

browsing the Internet, while others who don’t have a computer are engaged in the lecture and are

taking hand written notes. Carr talks about a study in his article that was conducted at Cornell

University. Half a class was allowed to use laptops connected to the Internet, while the other half

had to keep their laptops closed. When a test was given to see how well the lecture was retained,

the half that was allowed to browse the web did not do as well as those who had their laptops

closed. The results show that taking computer notes or reading via an electronic device is not as

beneficial as taking hand written notes or reading printed text. Carr explains that, “Reading
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I believe parents and schools should

limit the use of technology on children to achieve an optimal and healthy development. In order

for that to happen parents need to set an example on technology usage and encourage spending

more quality family time.

Texting has become an essential method of communication. People now seem to be too

busy to hold a phone call conversation, so they prefer to converse via text messages. Text

messaging may seem convenient and simple, but what most people don’t see is that, it is

declining their communication skills. Most people who text message don’t use proper grammar,

people tend to abbreviate words and use emojis’, which is an icon that can express a though,

emotion, or an idea. Constant usage of this type of communication decreases the ability for

people to hold a conversation in public, or have strong communication skills. In an article,


4Embracing Emojispeak, by Gracy Olmstead, she states that, “emojis can also quickly

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