Negative Essay: The World Without Social Media?

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Better off Without Social Media A few months ago, I made the decision to give up social media for thirty days. Well, here I am, reporting that I’m still alive, and to describe how that month was life changing. Social media is a common form of networking that allows people from around the world to communicate with the touch of a button. It may have great benefits, but social media has a dark side. An invention the world would be better off without is social media because it limits real communication, creates a false sense of perfection, and it is dangerous for children and teenagers.
During my thirty-day hiatus, I realized that the world would be better off without social media because it reduces real communication. I noticed numerous people
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Many teenagers are addicted to social media. They feel as if they cannot live without it, and spend an average of over 9 hours on social media a day. This leads to lost family time, neglected responsibilities, and even ignored schoolwork. The need to be constantly connected and “in the loop” is dangerous as it leads people to tune out reality. Cyberbullying is another key concern. Many children use social media to target their peers and say things they wouldn’t in person. This is incredibly difficult for the victim to escape because it follows them home and can lead to extreme escape methods, like suicide. I experienced the effects of cyberbullying first hand, and it negatively impacted the way I saw social media forever. The last danger is easy access to material for people looking to harm others. My break let me realize just how easy it was for a person to create a fake profile, send a few friend requests, and then have easy access to children. They could even find information on where they live, go to school, and talk to the children without parental knowledge. Social media is a dangerous place for a country’s youth and the world would be better off without such temptations.
In conclusion, my thirty-day hiatus from social media allowed me to realize that even though social media has great benefits when used in moderation, the risks of it outweigh the rewards and therefore the world would be better off without it. The loss of communication skills, the “perfect” identities, and the physical dangers of social media all lead the youth astray, which is why I have decided to eliminate social media from my life and pursue better interests, such as my studies and

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