Negative Effects Of Video Games Essay example

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Negative Effects of Videogames Ralph Baer created the first video game console, in the late sixteen-hundreds (Smithsonian). Since then, many new consoles like the PS4, XBOX, and the Nintendo have been created. These consoles offer a first-person capability, giving them a real-life experience. This type of experience makes it hard to differentiate between real life and the virtual world. The video games have become sexually, graphically, and violently more advanced. The most dangerous effects of gamming are the unknown health problems that gamers face. In older games characters were block digital figures. With new technology the character’s sexual appearance and behavior, in videogames, gives off a negative appeal. The female and male characters in games have the stereotypical race, shape, and voice that can negatively affect the gamer. In an article, “Beasley and Stanley (2002) found that 70% of female characters in Mature-rated video games and 46% of female characters in Teen-rated video games were depicted with abundant cleavage, 86% of female characters were portrayed wearing clothing with low/revealing necklines, and 48% of female characters were dressed in outfits with no sleeves” (Behm-Morawitz). These characters have a real effect on women, causing them to dress and act inappropriately. “Grand Theft Auto”, is an example videogame, that depicts women and men in a negative image. Women are featured as hookers, gold-diggers, and submissive wives. They are shown…

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