Personal Narrative: A Successful Marriage

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People go about life in different ways due to which life path they choose. Some choose to live the bachelor life, while others choose to commit to another individual through the act of marriage. Marriage can either be a religious or nonreligious ceremony, despite the religious aspect it is still the joining of two people for the rest of their lives. Some people marry for financial reasons and others may marry of love, but just because the couple is happy in the beginning does not mean that the couple will remain in the blissful state. The union of two people can effect the way a person develops mentally and physically depending on the status of the marriage. In order to figure out more about marriage and what makes it successful I watched the …show more content…
As mentioned in the video, respect, monogamy, and positive thinking can help a marriage thrive. I have witnessed a happy and loving marriage, the marriage of my parents which I one day hope I will be able to have. Their marriage involves a lot of compromising, respectful conversations, and intensive listening. Over the years my family has suffered through many struggles, some financially and others dealing with personal loses. No matter what my parents had to endure they were always willing to be there for one another, and it helped them to grow better as individuals. My parents married in their early twenties and still had a lot of growing to do, which was aided by the help of each other. Both of my parents have formed into strong, trustworthy people that posses a great mental understanding of life and how to deal with what life throws at them. Both of my parents maintain a healthy physical and mental state due to the support they have for one another, and the fact they want to be with each other and the family they have created for as long as possible. So, as it can be seen a happy and successful marriage can lead to very beneficial mental development , along with physical development when the commitment is made between two people that truly care about each

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