Personal Narrative: The Day My Divorce

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I’ll never forget that day, April 20, 2006, the day my divorce became final. After twelve years of hell, I was set free.

My ex-husband and I met as teenagers and fell into a whirlwind romance. At first everything was wonderful, with all those late-night drives to nowhere, ones where we would talk about our mutual love for theater and music, where we would complain about our messed-up families. For the first few months, it was ideal. Then the trouble started.

Three months after we began dating I got pregnant. He said he loved me and we should get married. As a terrified nineteen-year-old, I saw no other option, so we had a simple ceremony with a Justice of the Peace inside of our tiny apartment. The building’s superintendent acted as our
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I kept walking. “What do you want?”

“This was a mistake, a HUGE mistake, Beck. I’m so sorry about everything. I want you back.”

“I don’t want you back,” I told him, never slowing my stride. “This is the best day of my life, to be free of you, finally.”

He didn’t chase after me.

I stepped out into the bright afternoon sunlight, my burdens lifted, my heart soaring with the notion life held endless possibilities. I was finally free.

With a huge grin on my face, I approached the curb and waited for the shuttle bus to take me to the parking lot. I glanced to my left and noticed a nice-looking guy standing next to me. He was about my height, broad-shouldered and fit, and he wore a navy-blue suit and a maroon tie with “Daddy” printed on it. It must have been a gift from his kids. How cute.

He ran his fingers through his shaved black hair, then removed his sunglasses and cleaned them off on his suit jacket. His baby blue eyes looked the same way mine did – worn out. He stuffed his sunglasses into his pocket, loosened his tie, then looked over at me.


“Hey,” I replied. “Rough day?”

“Sure was. Is there ever a good day in court?” He chuckled, but the quiet laugh sounded hollow. “My divorce was final

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