The Necessity Of College Education Essay

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College Education: A Necessity? Education is considered as the key to a person’s future. Apart from helping people land a decent job after earning their degree, education also gives people the some of the knowledge they need in order to survive in society. Getting a college degree is one of the ways in which a person can get proper education. Interestingly, there are people who see college education as no assurance that the future will be bright for them. In some cases, they tend to think that they can reach their goals in life without having to rely completely on an undergraduate degree. Both sides have their own reasons, and with a topic as important as education, it is worth the while to scrutinize the issues surrounding whether people should get a college degree. Many people believe that going to college — and earning a degree in the end — has its benefits. For one, a college degree can help a person secure a decent job in the future. Many business organizations today require at least an undergraduate degree from their prospective employees. Thus, in a situation where there are several job applicants for a single position, having a college degree in one’s …show more content…
One reason to this is the belief that knowledge can be acquired outside formal learning institutions. In other words, one can grow up in a community and still learn the ropes in life, so to speak, even without a college degree. Guidance from peers and family members as well as personal experiences can be the source of a person’s knowledge without having to spend thousands of dollars for four years or more. In fact, it can be financially draining to enroll in college, even in community colleges especially for those who lack the financial capabilities (Marcotte, et al.). As a result, not all is capable of studying throughout college due to the high costs of tuition and other fees, apart from other daily

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