Nature And Nurture : Nature Essay

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Nature and Nurture

Nature begins the moment conception starts. Our DNA contains our genetic information. It determines the color of our hair, skin, and eyes. It tells our genetic linked diseases and all our other biological characteristics. Nature is our entire genetic make. Nurture is the environmental influences around us, it is what affects our development to make who we are. Some believe that our nature is what makes out to be who we are. They believe that we are genetically made with our personality, and other traits already pre-programed, and that as we mature it as we grow older. Others believe it is the nurture, which we receive throughout lifespans, which create who we are. Nurturing begins in the womb. It is the maternal mother’s duty to provide a safe environment for her fetus. From the moment of conception the fetus environment can be altered. It is important for the mother to receive prenatal care and to abstain from substance and drug usage. What the mother puts into her body can directly affect the fetus and cause untreatable developmental issues. A mother can start bonding with her baby even in the womb, by talking and singing to her baby. When an infant is born it is now subject to all the external environment and physical bonding begins.
The infant begins by seeking out love, comfort, and nurture from the time of birth. Erik Erikson, believed that we develop in psychosocial stages throughout the span of life. He believed a desire to affiliate with…

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