Narrative Writing : Runaway Groom Essay

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Runaway Groom

It’s the morning of the big day. The biggest day of my life. Well at least it’s supposed to be. Right now it feels more like the worst. The wedding starts in a few hours. What do I do? I can’t go through with this. How do i commit the rest of my life to a woman who can’t be honest with me? A woman who feels lying to me is the only way. Without sounding too cliché, ‘what’s a relationship without trust?’
I’m done being afraid. She claims she loves me but, who cheats on somebody they love? At first I was afraid to lose her; she was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I wasn’t ready to lose the love of my life over a silly mistake. That’s all I thought it was; a mistake. I suppose that was me trying to sugar coat it, burying the truth.
It took me until the big day to figure it out. It wasn’t a mistake; it was a choice. The choice to humiliate me, the choice to deceive me and the choice to sleep with another man. A part of me feels I already knew but I kept pushing it to the back of my mind every time. The truth isn’t always easy to handle, we do everything we can to convince ourselves otherwise, think of every justifiable reason to suggest we’re right. But sometimes the truth can’t be denied. And it’s just a matter of time till it settles.
It’s time. An hour flew by, everybody’s rushing to get ready. My best-men on a classic hangover, laboriously climbing out of bed. Full of jovial spirits, they crack open yet another can of…

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