Narrative Essay: The Thief Who Comes To Dinner?

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The thief who comes to dinner

My grandmothers set down at the wooden table covered with a red tablecloth that is topped with a wight lace one. In the middle of the table towards the wall that the table is agents is a red table runner with a crystal plate with painted egg ornaments in it in a circle with a candle in the middle. On either side of the crystal dish is a clear candle holder with purple lilacs on them. The dining room is brightly lit with yellow light from the large overhead ceiling light.
My grandmothers make idle chit-chat as I scurry around the kitchen as I try to gather everything needs for drinks. I opened the cabinet near the kitchen window and grab the very first two glasses. Slightly disappointed that they weren't close
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“sorry, Shirley,” I say to the dog as I give her a bite. To avoid fights and jealousy I give the other three bites too.
As we near the end of dinner we hear our chocolate lab jack outside barking.

“jack, jack.” My grandmother breaths out as she shakes her head in disapproval. Bringing her hands up to her face she claps loudly to call the dog in. he trotted in gruffing and panting. “that a boy here have a bite.” She told him as he laid his large head on her lap. She gave him a fork full of chicken
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As we eat our deserts we continue to talk and share with the dogs. When we finish we put the plates aside on top of our dinner plates.
We talked some more and enjoyed each others company.
Flicka was having none of it and barked loudly and would sass us when we told her to hush. eventually, she quieted down and reset her head on the table. Spotting my leftover cheesecake that I was too full to eat she jumped up and put her front paws on the table.

“what are you doing on my table?” my grandma asked sternly hiding the playfulness in her voice as she lightly glared at the dog. “who told you-you could get up here? Get off my table.” She continued on.
Flicka smiled and she sniffed my grandma Liz. Flicka gave me lots of kisses as she slid forward closer to my cheese cake. She tried to steal it before anyone noticed what she was doing.

“Flicka off.” My grandma Liz said sternly.
Flicka looked at her and did one of her quite hafe barks. She looked back at me and kissed me once more.

“no off Flicka;” I exasperatedly told

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