Narrative Essay: The Best Day Of My Life

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Mom and I will be down as soon as we get a rental truck tomorrow. I really just want a truck like before to bring my bedroom stuff back and a few other things, (she wants the bedroom suite). the big stuff I would like you all to break even and helping move it is more help than you could ever pay me... Plus you can pay me whenever I know you and Chris are good for it. That complex is a bitch to move in and out of... and I was living there another year!! Thank God/my support/family/friends and Kruger for good articles that landed on my phone and computer screen.. at work.

First off you need to read the Gmail email I sent you, it talked about how much you and Chris taught me about marriage and how fun and what a healthy team looks like. Second off, sorry I couldn’t explain this all over the phone, it’s a long story and I sometimes go in circles... but I guess if you’ve used drugs and alcohol to cope for the past 7 years its freeing and you
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I can assure you I didn’t know such an amazing man.. of my dreams.. had a kid! And he was the cutest kid, I’d ever seen. A mini Jeremy! I had never thought it was possible to find someone I loved so much, then a kid.. wtf!?!?!.. I wanted nothing but to be their third, because it was a perfect match. Him and Mason was playing in the therapy pool in the back and I simply could not stay in my seat I wanted to grab Jeremy’s hand and jump in. He saw this, he was on his computer and I am sure knowing how I felt by then. He’d also sent him into the office on purpose to let me fall in love with him in about 5 minutes spinning around like a maniac, cutest one I had ever seen. I went into the changing room beside the therapy pool and sit there, closed my eyes and listened to them together and to this day it makes me cry because it was the second best day of my life, the first was landing in front of

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