Personal Narrative: The Story Of Dr. Jones's Girl

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Scared, excited, nervous were the feelings, which swirled around inside my stomach as I walked what seemed to be miles of hallway inside Dr. Jones’s office. He had just told me that I was pregnant. Scared but not scared like I just watched my first horror movie with the lights off scared, but scared because I had never had a baby before. I was excited because deep down I knew, this was the best thing that would ever have happen to me. I was nervous because I didn’t think I was ready to me become a mother. I had always been a good baby setter, but that is way different than having one of my own. As I drove down the long, curvy lake road, in the middle of April, with tears in my eyes and lumps in my throat, I had one question running through my head. How am I going to tell Jamie? (Jamie being my boyfriend of eight years.) I pulled into the parking lot of the marina, where he worked, thinking maybe I should just leave and wait to tell him when he gets home. I couldn’t because my feet were already out of the car and walking towards him. I didn’t even know how I was going to tell him that we were going to be parents. He looked at me and right away said “what is wrong”. Just as fast as a bullet fires from a gun, my mouth yells …show more content…
The real trick would be me getting off the couch to give them candy. Then out of nowhere it hits me, I have so many thing to do to get ready for this baby. It’s like a have a burst of energy. I remember telling Jamie how much we have to do to get ready for this baby. We need to pick out paint, wall paper, get a crib and changing table. He would make joke after joke about me “nesting”. Thanksgiving, Christmas all passed in a blur. More and more doctor appointments. I seriously felt as if I was always going to be pregnant. Every day I would ask myself when is this going to would be over. How long before I can hold this little guy? Turns out he didn’t want to come

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