Narrative Essay On The Best Holiday

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The Best Holiday.

Rrrrrrrring! Rrrrring! My alarm went off in the morning I heard the bird are singing at 8 o'clock am throw the blanket off got up grabbed a towel rushed through the rooms went to the bathroom started the water and took a shower the water felt good in the morning, I turn off the water after taking a shower dried my body with the towel. Wear my suit in the bathroom and put gel in my hair and got out from the bathroom i saw my brothers sleeping I tried to woke them up but they didn’t want to. Soooooo. I thought of something I went to the kitchen took a cup poured water in it and tossing water at their face until they wake up I was giggling but they
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I heard my mom saying,“Be careful!!” to my dad, I felt I was nervous, my feeling are telling me what is my Dad doing dangerous, then heard my mom saying, “Come down slowly and careful.” Then I heard, “good job”. I calmed down then I was thinking what to do then I talk to myself, “So the door was closed to get the living room and the dining room”. Then I smelled the sweetness and delicious baked cookies muffins and pancake and all the candy you name it inside the living room. Then my stomach growling I felt hungry I went to the kitchen grabbed the cereal and bowl and spoon and made my own cereal and dipped the spoon the the bowl and took a big bit of the cereal it taste so good making my own cereal I tried to finish the last biet that felt I was eating a horse by myself. I finally finished got up grabbed the bowl and washed …show more content…
I went to check on my brothers and they were ready to get me from tossing water at their face then I ran and from them, and I saw the living room door was open I went there, I couldn’t believe my eyes the house was shining sparkles and decorated and the smell made me sleep,but not Sam my brother he was trying to take a cookie secret but I caught him and he said I didn’t touch even though I didn’t say anything but I thought to take one to we all sat in the couch looking are the living room the picture they paint and cool decoration, we all ready except my brother my mom made them eggs and dad in bathroom they ate after that got ready went out to go to the car we buckled up and head the road I was excited during the ride and ready to go to the mosque finally 10 minute ride went out from the car the car and the men's go to the 1st mosque and the women go to the mosque beside it got there went to the men’s mosque it was crowded got started to pray we finish allot of people start shaking hand giving money (the best part) and I looked through the window and saw behind the mosque is jumping houses I was so excited I waited until it was ready and they started passing treats and they gave me one and they made an announcement that the jumping houses are ready, I went up to my dad and said, “Can I go he smiled then he said you can go.” Sam and I rushed to get their and took my shoe off while

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