Narrative Essay On Scent Of Death

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The Scent of Death
Crisanto Fesalbon SR. My Father’s father, my lolo, a father of four, has died two years ago. Not long after my family have move in Canada, his one of the great person I know, brave, courageous and furious but, despite of him having a fearsome appearance, he have that one enormous heart that loves his entire family. Even though he has twenty or more grandchildren he still manages and cooks for every one of us. He is thoughtful and will give all he could just to prove how important his family for him. Seventy years old is when he left, still young but already weak. Cigarette, that’s the reason behind his death, its to blame why he left. He’s a chain smoker; he could probably take three to four packs of cigarette a day, which means forty to sixty sticks of cigarette a day. Cigarette, non-stop smoking, it damaged his lungs. He became weaker as the years have gone by. Back when I was five I would smell that unpleasant odor. While, his lighting that one stick of cigarette in his hand, as he suck the end of it and blow the smoke out of his mouth as if the sky forming a whirlwind of clouds that will lead into a deadly hurricane that will soon be a horrible disaster. As if he does this routine, like it’s a ritual of his own death, by watching him I know that his slowly killing himself. There was the time in our lives that his
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However, that day my father was not impressed about it. I remember hearing him said to him. “How many times do I have to tell you, you don’t have to do this, it’s safer for you to stay home, you are not strong enough anymore to handle yourself and be by your own. That is why you are in here, and with me, so that I can take care of you. What if you collapse or got hit by vehicles out there? You better start thinking about how I will feel if something bad happened to you, rather than thinking just your own

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