Drug Abuse In Homer's The Odyssey

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In Homer’s The Odyssey, Circe, the daughter of sun god Helios, introduced herself as a side character, who is mentioned throughout the epic as an incisive noblewoman who helps Odysseus on his journey. When Odysseus comes to Circe asking for advice on his voyage back home, she describes how the songs of the Siren’s are nearly impossible to resist and how their songs can hypnotize you and bring whoever quickly to their demise. Circe tells Odysseus “[they] must steer clear of the Sirens, their enchanting, song, their meadow starred with flowers” (12.184-196). Circe illustrates that the songs of the Siren’s are irresistible, just like drugs are to the addict. It is a disease that causes harmful consequences to the drug addict and their close circle …show more content…
During my childhood, and into adolescence, he was involved with crack, weed and alcohol. He started in high school drinking alcohol and it progressed into smoking cigarettes and weed. It wasn’t until in late twenties that he began to experiment with harder drugs and became addicted to crack cocaine. He wasn’t a consistent part of our lives for nearly decade, often becoming unrecognizable due to his change in appearance from weight loss. He often didn’t show for birthdays or other family events so it’s difficult to recall specific memories of him when I was a small child. Not only did he lose material things like his home, he lost friends and many years with his family. The drugs were his life. Then one day, after multiple run ins with the law and near brushes with death, he decided to get clean. It took several stays at rehab facilities over the course of three years or more before he finally left the crack behind. He has continued to smoke and drink alcohol even though usage has gone down. After all the years of abuse, it has taken a toll on his body. Just over 3 years ago he suffered from “sentinel” or warnings headaches indicating a problem in his brain. He went to the hospital and was diagnosed with two brain aneurysms. He had to go into emergency surgery and now tries to live each day to the fullest as there’s no guarantee he won’t need additional surgery to keep them from bursting. Now we see him every Sunday at family dinner. We also go fishing with him or to the fireworks store in the summer. He also comes to every birthday which is a big change from years

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