Narrative Essay On Roller Coaster Ride

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I was in line, hearing the screams of kids, watching them as they make it to the top of the roller coaster, as the cart paused on top of the hill, the screams of the kids stopped for a second. AAAAAHHHHH!!!, the screams grew more lively as the cart’s raced down the hill.
While the cart’s was going down the hill, I was starting to have second thoughts about going on this ride. I looked at the exit that everyone on the ride was getting off, and I saw some faces with smiles, others were laughing. But what freaked me out the most was that most of the other people that came out of the exit were throwing up. I somewhat froze to the sight I was seeing, I even saw some of the other kids having the same look on their faces, the sight of this was unsettling.
The closer I got to the entrance, the closer my head was telling me to just step out of the line. Once I got to the entrance I wanted to step out of line, but my body had a mind of it’s own, it just didn’t wanna move. I handed the clerk my ticket and I got on the cart.
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At last the ride was over and I felt so relieved that I laughed for joy. I opened my eyes and realized that I was higher than the clouds. I thought to myself for a second, thinking about my final words before I die. While I was praying, I felt a whiff of disturbance when I heard the sound of gears being put in motion. My heart was beating fast, beating as hard as a drum, the sweat running down my face from the heat, felt like I was sitting on the, the cart was moving into position before it went off like a bullet. My head was screaming “NNNOOOO!, PLEASE DON’T DO IT!! Before I knew it, the carts went as fast as a bullet train, I closed my eyes and felt the same feeling in my gut. The ride was finally finished, and I felt dizzy on my way to the exit. The air reek of barf and was enough to make me throw-up. “This is the last time I’m ever riding the

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