Narrative Essay On Reading

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Reading Essay

I didn’t start to enjoy reading until I was about 8 or 9 when I started going to the school library more and checked out a book called Wait till Helen Comes. It is a mystery novel by Mary Downings about a girl who’s father,stepmother, brother, and stepsister all move into an old church in a small town down in the country. I fell in love with it immediately, I fell in love with mystery novels, especially ones that have sequels because I love the suspense of a good mystery. I was really sad when I couldn 't find anymore of Mary Downing’s books in my school 's library so I decided to look for more in my local library, but unfortunately I forgot how to spell her name so I had a hard time finding more books. As a teenager I have found
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As I got older I spent more and more of my free time in libraries. Reading was all I wanted to do. I would often get in trouble for reading while the teacher was talking. I spent my recess reading and checking out books. I would check out three to four books at a time and finish them all before I had to bring them back. By sixth grade i was at an ninth grade reading level and I was top of my class. I loved doing book reports and writing about the books I’ve read. When I was in middle school I was spending less time in the library and ki read less and less until I got further into the semester and my english teacher began assigning more reading assignments. He was on of my favorite teachers, he always had interesting books to read. One of the books he had us read was called Outsiders. It was about a group of rebellious gang of teenage boys known as Greasers. I found the adventure/suspense very interesting and I started going to the library more …show more content…
I started to dislike writing because I did it so often. My grade in english began to slip because I wasn’t writing as well. I almost didn’t pass the class that semester until I finished my final project about books. I wrote it about Wait till Helen Comes and I got an A+ and passed with a C. I read a few boring books in english class that year but one book really caught my attention. Called The House on Mango Street. I thought the title was funny so I thought the book would be funny but turns out it’s a book about a poverty stricken family forced to live on Mango street. It was pretty boring in the beginning and it was very repetitive but it got better in the middle and in the end. I don 't enjoy biography type books and the House on Mango Street was a fictional

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